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Is Your Home Ready For Fall?

Is Your Home Ready For Fall?

Getting your home ready for the winter can be crucial to avoid paying extra for repairs you can easily avoid. Preparing for winter is essential, but just as important is making sure your home is ready for the shift into the fall weather. While fall weather may not be as cold or intense as the winter, that does not mean that you cannot take some time to prep your home. Here are some ways you can prepare your home for the fall. And make sure you are ready for that cool breeze rolling into town.

Check For Leaks

Both air and water leaks can be a pain to deal with when managing your energy bill budget. Inspect your home for air leaks by checking the frames around your windows and doors for any cracks. With an air leak, you can be looking at higher energy bills because you will need to use your heat more often to accommodate for the lack of proper insulation due to the leak. Weatherstripping and caulk around cracks can help.

Spotting leaks can be tricky for pipes when you cannot see your pipes, but you can monitor your bills. If your water bill has been higher than usual lately, this is often a sign of a leak. Thankfully by calling our team of professionals, we can seal up any leaks and ensure your plumbing does not have any other underlying issues.

Air Filter Prep

Your air filters get a lot of use throughout the year, and it is essential to clean and switch them out regularly. You want to clean or replace your air filters at least every two months to avoid dirty air filters from ruining your home’s indoor air quality. Dirty air filters can also run your energy bill higher than usual because a dirty air filter will put a lot more strain on your heating system this fall.

Checking On Your Heating System

If you start hearing odd sounds from your water heater or furnace, there is a good chance you are overdue for repairs. Typically furnaces and water heaters should be relatively silent, so any clanging, rattling, or even odd smells are a good sign of a problem. Sometimes with water heaters, there can be a mineral deposit build-up that can affect your hot water supply and lead to hard water that can be damaging for your hair and skin. Regularly cleaning your water heater and furnace can help reduce some issues, but scheduling regular maintenance is your best solution to avoid not having heat or hot water on a chilly morning.

Air Quality Checks

Checking on your home’s indoor air quality can help you breathe better in the fall and cut out any nasty pollutants. Our team can help determine if your air ducts need a quick clean or even help install air purifiers to keep your home cozy. On top of making sure the air you breathe is clean, we can also help control the air humidity in your home, which can be a problem in the colder months. Dry air can lead to annoying nose bleeds and dry skin so that you can stay cozy all fall and winter with the proper humidifier.

Battery Time

While not a part of your plumbing or heating system directly, make sure that your carbon monoxide and fire alarms are well kept. Make sure to take the time to switch out any old batteries and inspect the device to ensure it is properly functioning. These alarms are great lines of defense against any surprise carbon monoxide leaks or fires, but regular inspection and maintenance is your best preventative measure.

At Gibson's Heating & Plumbing, Inc. we have years of experience and are ready to help you get your home ready for the fall. So call us at (800) 868-0232 to schedule an appointment.


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