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Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning Technician Training and Scholarships For Northeast Indiana, Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan

For information about the scholarship program please follow these links:
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Troops to Trade Scholarships
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about our Training Program

I’m new to the HVAC and Plumbing Trades, how to get into the industry and receive the necessary training?

This all depends on where you are at skill wise. If you have little to no mechanical/plumbing experience the first step may be to enroll in a Technical School. These classes can be taken full time or even part time at night. Some local schools are Ivy Tech, ITT Technical Institute and Impact Institute. If you are taking them part time you may be able to work for us during the week or even have summer internships with us at Gibson’s Heating & Plumbing.

If you have previous mechanical or construction experience you may still want to look into the Technical Schools. However, if you feel you technical school isn’t the right fit for you where you are skill wise we do offer an immersion training program through the Ultimate Technical Academy.

I have been in the heating, cooling and plumbing industry for many years. I don’t need the new beginner courses, however, I do want to improve on skills and craft. What type of training is available for me?

Here at Gibson’s Heating & Plumbing, training is part of our everyday life. We will regularly sign up different employees for classes which our suppliers host. We will also bring in suppliers to go over training just with our employees.

We will send our employees to 3 to 4 day classes on certain equipment or new technology. We will also put on our own training classes with our current employees teaching their co-workers on their different skills expertise. If you are interested in a certain area to expand your education let us know, we see what we can do to make it happen.

It seems most of the official training programs are focused on HVAC training.

What if I’m interested more in the plumbing trade? What are the options for training on to be a plumber?

If you are interested in becoming a plumber we still may recommend you take the Service Plumbing classes through Ultimate Technical Academy. The plumbing class will give you a good basic understanding of performing residential home plumbing repairs. The electrical class will also be a benefit to you. There is more and more electrical interacting with the plumbing world and having a good understanding of how the electrical components work would be very beneficial.

We also have you work with our experienced plumbers and learn the trade by helping them with larger jobs as well as the small ones.

There is also the option to go for you Plumbing Journeyman license, where we sponsor through the PHCC Apprenticeship Program. This will take you four years to complete as class is only one night a week.

Why Choose Gibson's?

Check Live operators – no answering machines Check We listen to your needs & talk in non-technical language
Check Convenient appointments made around your schedule Check We follow up to make sure you are 100% satisfied
Check Friendly, uniformed technicians Check We stand by everything we do – NO EXCEPTIONS!
Check We use floor protectors and thouroughly clean the work area  
 Live operators – no answering machines
 Convenient appointments made around your schedule
 Friendly, uniformed technicians
 We use floor protectors and thouroughly clean the work area
 We listen to your needs & talk in non-technical language
 We follow up to make sure you are 100% satisfied
 We stand by everything we do – NO EXCEPTIONS!